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Road Worthy Certificates,

Making your vehicle safe to drive and fit to sell.

Vehicle Safety Inspections,

Don’t find out by an accident your vehicle is unsafe.

Pre Purchase Inspection,

We help you make the right decision BEFORE you buy!

Road Worthy Certificates & Pre-Purchase Inspections

When we complete a Road Worthy Certificate on your car it will be safe to drive and fit to sell.

We can provide a Road worthy report for the car without completing the repairs (used in the event of a potential purchase). This helps to eliminate any nasty surprises you may not have picked up when inspecting your dream car.

Road Worthy items include:

Brakes, lights, seat belts, oil leaks, structural issues and many more items. We will advise you of any other issues the car might have that would not normally show up in a RWC inspection. So trust us to ensure you don’t make a mistake.