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We Service All Makes & Models


Road Worthy Certificates,

Making your vehicle safe to drive and fit to sell.

Vehicle Safety Inspections,

Don’t find out by an accident your vehicle is unsafe.

Pre Purchase Inspection,

We help you make the right decision BEFORE you buy!

Vehicle Safety Checks

This is a service that is often overlooked by vehicle owners. Every day we carry family and friends in our cars without concerning ourselves with the safety of the vehicle.

DONT find out by accident that your vehicle is unsafe.

You owe it to your loved ones to get a safety check once a year or at any time when contemplating a long distance trip in the family car.

We will check many items that you simply don’t know about.

They include:

Brakes, lights, seat belts, batteries, cooling systems, are just a few of the things to be checked and reported to the customer.